what should a heating inspection include

What Should a Regular Heating Service Include?

No one wants to go without heat in the cold.

With winter in full swing, this is no time to have your heater go out. While, sadly, many people are unable to heat their home throughout the winter, you don’t have to join them.

It’s never too late to make sure your heater is up to the task of keeping you and your family warm and safe in the cold. Even if your house is warm and your heating system appears to be working properly, it’s still not a bad idea to check things out.

Keep reading for a closer look at what a regular heating service should include.

Keep Your Home Warm and Safe This Winter

A good heater should keep your home warm–at a consistent temperature–through even the coldest of nights.

If your heater is doing unusual things like not maintaining a consistent temperature or making odd signs, it may be time to take a look.

Heaters are designed to maintain consistent temperatures, so one that’s having trouble doing so may need to be serviced or repaired.

Strange noises are a bad sign too. Just like your car, you’re probably used to the sound your heater makes. If something sounds off, it may be time for service.

It’s also important to inspect your heating system for safety reasons. If your home has a gas furnace, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger if your unit has been neglected or is in disrepair.

What’s Involved in a Regular Heating Service

While there are many steps you can take yourself, having a professional look over your heater could save you lots in the long run. Much like a good mechanic should be much more knowledgeable of how your car should function, a good heating and AC pro should be able to quickly diagnose any problems–real or potential–with your heater.

Here are a few of the things a professional will examine during a routine heating service:

  • Check to make sure the vents are clean and clear of any blockage
  • Check the heating system intakes for blockage
  • Check the ductwork for leaks or any signs of blockage
  • Check the motor and other electrical components for function and ensure all connections are in good working order
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Test the unit’s safety controls and start up cycle
  • Examine the unit for other signs of wear and tear

Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Heater Operating Smoothly

While a heating service pro may be necessary in the case of damage or neglected maintenance, there are many steps you can take on your own to ensure your unit is working properly and stays in good shape for years to come.

Some things you can do on your own are:

  • Regularly clean and inspect vents and heating intakes
  • Check and change the air filter regularly
  • Inspect and clean the outside of the unit

Putting It All Together

While we often take them for granted, heaters keep us warm and safe during the cold winter months. Regularly inspecting your heating unit can ensure that you stay warm and save money on costly repairs in the long run.

If your heater is due for an inspection, get in touch with us for a professional check-up.



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