Home Heating and Cooling Solutions for Old Homes

The average summer temperature in Dallas, Texas is in the nineties. If you have a newer home, you probably only feel that when you go from your house to your car.

But if you have an older home, summer can be a real sweat. Either you have to deal with the heat or you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to cool your home, right?


Home heating and cooling in your older home no longer means hefting out the window units and paying to run them all day long. Instead, you can get an HVAC system that will save you money and keep your home a comfortable temperature.

Home Heating and Cooling: Traditional HVAC Systems

You might be wondering how you could install a traditional HVAC system in an older home without sacrificing vast amounts of closet space or the charm you love so much about your home’s interior.

Traditional HVAC systems do require large ducts that can take over your home until you feel like it’s just a space to house the maze of ductwork you require just to keep from melting in your own home.

Because of the giant ductwork, you might have sworn off central air conditioning. After all, central air systems require two sets of ductwork–one to bring the hot air out, and another to bring the cold air in.

When it comes to heating your home in the winter, forced air might seem like a great idea but it requires the same ductwork as a central air conditioning system.

Home Heating and Cooling: High-Velocity, Mini-Duct HVAC Systems

If you want to cool your older home without sacrificing closet space and crown moldings, you can go with a high-velocity, mini-duct HVAC system. Keep reading to find out how this system works and how it can help you stay comfortable in your older home.

How Does It Work?

A high-velocity, mini-duct HVAC system works by putting Bernoulli’s principle into practice. In layman’s terms, this principle states that when air speed increases, it creates a vacuum behind it. This vacuum pulls more air in, toward the original flow source.

Like a traditional central air conditioning system, the high-velocity, mini-duct system circulates a refrigerant, like Freon. But, by using mini-ducts that are about 3″ in diameter, this type of system not only can cool your home with only one set of ducts, but also leads to a better air mixture in the room.

What Are the Benefits?

In addition to saving the character and space of your older home, there are several benefits of the high-velocity, mini-duct HVAC system:

  • The ducts can be snaked through walls or over ceilings
  • Grilles and returns are smaller than audio CDs
  • The system can be retrofitted to an existing furnace for heating
  • The high-velocity, mini-duct system removes more humidity than traditional systems

HVAC In Your Home

HVAC systems can be a significant investment, but they can lead to a more energy-efficient and more comfortable home. If you have more questions about fitting your older home with an HVAC system, please contact us.


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