5 Signs You Need Emergency AC Repair

Having air conditioning was once a luxury.

Now it’s a necessity.

Between heatwaves and humidity, there’s no reason to suffer the whims of the weather. Instead, climate control lets us stay fresh regardless of what the outside’s doing.

Sometimes, though, the AC breaks down, leaving us in a lurch.

However, a full breakdown can be avoided if you know how to read the signs.

Below we’ll look at five signs that you need emergency AC repair.

Strange Noises

We’re all familiar with the typical hum of an air conditioner. It’s so common that it’s become a part of the background.

Any other noises, however, should be looked into.

Any squealing or grinding noises can indicate a major concern. Your first step should be to turn the unit off and then contact a professional. Continuing to run an AC that is making atypical noises risks causing greater damage that may require replacement of the whole unit.

Lack of Cold Air

We want our AC to perform one function: keep us cool.

If you find that your air conditioner isn’t doing its job, there’s a reason for that. Whether it’s a lack of freon, an obstruction in the ducts or another complication, a professional can assess and repair the problem for you.

Continuing to run the unit puts a greater strain not just on your AC, but on your electrical box as well as increasing your electricity rates.

Treating this as an emergency AC repair will help save you from long-term difficulties.

Leaking Fluids

Any fluids leaking from your AC unit are a cause for concern.

Freon, the chemical used to cool the air in an air conditioner, is mildly toxic. Having a freon leak can be a health hazard.

Additionally, the less freon an AC has, the less efficiently it runs. If your AC unit is losing freon, you will pay more in electricity to compensate for the leak.

Even if your unit is just leaking condensation, there is the concern that the water build up could lead to mold. Mold can lead to terrible health issues and should be avoided at all costs.

Unusual Odors

Freon is an odorless chemical. The air your AC unit cools should be otherwise unaffected by chemical or debris, and should, therefore, be odorless.

If you notice a strange smell while running your air conditioner, contact a professional. Something is running sub-optimally, and it’s not worth the potential health risks to leave it unaddressed.

Unusually High Electricity Bills

Running any appliance constantly will affect your electricity bill. However, modern AC units are incredibly efficient and are designed to make a minimal impact on your monthly bill.

If you notice a drastic increase in the amount of electricity being drawn while running the AC, you’ll want to get it serviced.

Final Thoughts On Emergency AC Repair

The underlying message about these signs of emergency AC repair is that by recognizing and acting on the five signs above will save you from a real AC emergency: having to replace your air conditioner unit.

If you have any questions about your air conditioner, or if you wish to schedule a servicing, drop us a line. We’re always here to help.


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