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7 Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioning Repair in Wylie TX

When it comes to air conditioning repair in Wylie TX, the last thing you want to do is wait. If you don’t act quickly, the relentless Texas heat will move into your home, creating a perfect storm of discomfort that is truly unbearable.

But how do you know when it’s time to pick up the phone and call an AC technician? There are some distinct signs that can warn you of an air conditioning problem before things heat up.

Make yourself aware by memorizing the signs below so you can act quickly.

Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioning Repair in Wylie TX

While there are numerous things that can cause an AC unit or HVAC system to go awry, these seven signs are the most common indicators that something is seriously wrong.

If your air conditioning is showing any one or more of these signs, pick up the phone and call one of our expert technicians in Wylie, Texas.

1. Your AC Unit is Blowing Hot Air

Is your air conditioning running, but all it produces is hot, humid air? If so, you have a problem. This could be a problem caused by a dirty filter, dirty condenser unit, or more complex problems such as a refrigerant or air duct leak.

Turn your unit off to prevent any additional damage to your system and call in an experienced HVAC technician.

2. You Notice Signs of Freezing

Have you noticed frost or ice build up in or around your AC unit? If so, stop, turn off your unit and let it thaw.

This kind of freezing is typically caused by a blockage in the airflow. Check your filters and change them if they are dirty. Also, call a technician to inspect your unit to make sure no serious damage has occurred.

While this issue is often prevented by the simplest of maintenance, it can also lead to costly repairs due to the strain and damage it places on your unit.

3. Your Air Conditioning Has an Odd Smell

Strange or off-putting smells coming from your unit are a cause for concern. Not only does it indicate a problem with your air conditioning, but it also poses a health concern for you and your family.

These smells are most often caused by mold, mildew, or some other form of debris built up within your HVAC system. Left untreated, these contaminants circulate within your home and can cause respiratory issues.

Schedule a maintenance call and ask for the technician to inspect and identify the cause of the smell.

4. Your AC Cycles On and Off More Than Usual

When your air conditioning starts cycling more often, it’s an indicator that your system is having to work harder to maintain the temperature set. This kind of stress is very hard on your unit, causing it to wear down faster and elevating its risk of parts breaking down.

If you notice more frequent cycles or even a spike in your electric bill, have an AC technician perform a maintenance visit on your system. It’s likely your system needs a tune up and possibly a replacement on worn out or broken parts.

5. Strange Noises are Coming from Your HVAC System

Chances are high you are familiar with the normal sounds of your home environment. From the subtle hum of your air conditioning system kicking on to the creaks of certain floorboards or steps, you have grown so accustomed to your home that you may hardly notice its audible routine.

But what do you do when your AC unit starts to play a new tune?

If you start to notice a clicking, banging, clanking, humming, whistling, squealing, or other new sound coming from your AC or HVAC system, schedule a visit from your local technician.

These sounds are often an indicator that something is loose, broken, torn, or leaking. Even if your system is still doing its job efficiently, don’t ignore these sounds. Left attended, these issues can go from a simple, affordable repair to costly damage that may even require a unit replacement.

6. You Notice Leaks Around Your Air Conditioning Unit

Every AC unit produces some amount of condensation. However, it becomes a problem when you start to notice leaking or overflow coming from your unit. This could be something as simple as a blockage or an indicator of something more serious.

However, either way, you want to address the issue promptly before it turns into a much larger problem.

Many of the components in your unit are electric. If this water floods your system, it can do serious and sometimes irreparable damage. In order to avoid serious problems, contact a technician to inspect and remedy the cause.

7. Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Running At All

Whether the signs leading up to this point eluded you or your AC unit simply stopped running without warning, an air conditioning or HVAC unit completely shutting down is one of the worst indicators that something isn’t right with your system.

Before you call a technician, check your thermostat to make sure its set on cool and the temperature it is programmed to maintain is five degrees below the actual in-home temperature.

If your system doesn’t turn back on, check your electrical panel to make sure the breaker hasn’t been tripped.

If neither of these steps causes your AC to kick back on, pick up the phone and schedule a certified technician to arrive as soon as possible to investigate the issue. Upon inspection, he will be able to identify the severity of the problem, as well as the best course of action for fixing it.

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