7 Reasons for a leaking air conditioner in North Dallas

7 Common Reasons Why You Have a Leaking Air Conditioner

Why does my air conditioner leak water?

Will a tune-up fix it?

Do I have to replace my unit?

Finding a pool of water around your air conditioning unit is never a good thing. And even though some leaking may be normal, how do you decipher which leak is normal?

We know. There can be so many questions that run through your mind when dealing with a leaking air conditioner. And as a home-owner, it could cause overwhelming frustration if you don’t know what steps to take next.

But there’s no need to worry.

We’ve hooked you up with the seven common reasons why you have a leaking air conditioner and what you need to do about it.

Why Do I Have A Leaking Air Conditioner?

Unless you diagnose the problem, you’ll continue asking yourself the dreading question: Why is my AC leaking water?

Finding the root of your problem will help you figure out if you need an experienced technician or not.

1. Is Your Condensate Drain Cleared?

First things first, check your condensate drain. Because your condensate drain is the focal point of your air conditioning unit, you’ll see that every now and again it will be clogged.

Dirt, dust, algae, and other particles can not only block optimal airflow in your air conditioning system but clog the natural order of where the water is supposed to exit. Ensure that the condensate drain is clear.

2. Are Your Drain Lines Still Connected?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of instances where faulty installation can lead to air conditioner leaking. Over time, your drain line can loosen and disconnect due to frequent use and could be the cause of your air conditioner leaking water.

If left unattended, leaks produced by disconnected drain lines can/will cause damage to your drywall and ceiling depending on where your unit is located. Be sure to contact a technician right away to avoid costly damages.

3. Check For Cold Temperatures

To my friends who run the air conditioning system during the Winter months, this one is for you.

Did you know that running your cooling unit during the colder months can result in a leaking air conditioner?

It’s true! If your HVAC unit is working to cool your home when the outside temperature is below 60 degrees, this could potentially cause the coils to ice up resulting in a leaking air conditioner.

4. A Cracked Condensate Drain Line

A condensate line plays a pivotal role in carrying the condensation from the unit to the outside of the house. Like any other drain line, if cracked, this can prevent water from being deposited where it’s supposed to.

This is why it’s so important to schedule a heating and air conditioner tune-up for your system. To the average consumer, preventive maintenance may not seem necessary and may seem like an additional out of pocket cost.

But just like anything else made of metal, rust and deterioration can overcome it after frequent use. When this happens, this is a sign that your drain line lacks sealant and is bound to leak.

5. Dirty Air Filters Cause Leaking

How many of us are guilty of completely ignoring the HVAC technician when they tell us we need to change our filter?

Let’s be real. We don’t always think these experts have our best interest in mind. And because every other appliance in our home seems to come with an unnecessary out of pocket cost – we neglect the simple things.

A dirty air filter can cause dirt and other particles to accumulate therefore restricting functional airflow. And because this can cause the coils to misread the accurate temperature, they can freeze up, and the melted moisture can cause the pan to overflow.

6. Check The Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels don’t check themselves, you know?

The same way you have to check your car’s refrigerant levels in order for your air conditioning system to function properly, you must check your homes refrigerant levels as well.

When these levels are low, it can result in low pressure and frozen coils. And similar to the other symptoms, once these coils are melted, they produce an overflow in the drain pan thus causing leaking.

7. Your Condensate Pump Might Be Broken

A condensate pump is the part of your air conditioning unit that helps channel the condensation produced by the evaporator coil outside of the building.

Because your HVAC unit depends on both gravity and the drain line to help release the water produced by condensation, the condensate pump is needed to ensure that the fluid exits both your unit and your building properly.

If your condensate pump isn’t functioning properly, this can lead to a potential replacement. Because some home-owners decide to ignore this repair, it results in costly water damage in the long run.

If you believe you have a malfunctioning condensate pump, be sure to contact an HVAC technician for immediate assistance.

Is Leaking Ever Really Normal?

There’s no need to fret. Just because your system is leaking doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. Because you’re dealing with a system that ultimately generates fluid, this can be normal.

Normal leakage stems from condensation around your air conditioner’s drain pipe. While operating, your system will produce small amounts of condensation. The key word here is small. But as the weather gets warmer and you find your unit working harder than usual, expect this leakage to increase.

If you find your system leaking for more than 24 hours, be sure to call an HVAC technician to take a look at your system immediately.

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If you live in the North Dallas area, you already know that a functioning air conditioning system will be your best friend this Summer. But unfortunately, a leaking air conditioner will prevent you from experiencing your coolest summer yet.

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