Diagnose common air conditioner problems in North Dallas and Plano TX

How to Diagnose Common Air Conditioner Problems

Are you having air conditioner problems? Is your house dusty or muggy?

If you live in Texas, you definitely want to make sure that your AC is working properly. During the summer months, having a broken air conditioning unit could affect elderly people, children, and pets.

There are several reasons why your air conditioner could be on the fritz. We’ll walk you through some common AC troubleshooting steps and let you know when you should call in the pros.

1. Bad Wiring

When was your air conditioner installed? If it’s been more than 15 years, you should contact a professional to get a new AC system.

If your AC is not working, it could have been installed in the wrong way. Or you could just be getting close to the end of your AC’s lifetime.

If you suspect bad wiring, you should definitely call in the pros. You shouldn’t attempt to make electrical repairs unless you’re trained to do so.

You can tell when an AC has bad wiring if your circuit breaker keeps tripping whenever you run your air conditioning.

2. Broken Outside Fan

If you’re having AC issues, check the outside part of your AC unit. You should be able to check visually whether your fan is working or not.

Basically, the fan plays a huge part in taking the warm outside air and converting it into cool air. If it’s broken, you are at risk for damaging your compressor.

You should be able to hear a broken fan, but don’t open the unit without a professional. If your AC keeps overloading, it’s probably due to a broken fan inside the outdoor unit.

When you call the AC repair team, just let them know that you’ve visually inspected the outside unit and that you’d like them to check the fan.

3. Lack of Maintenance

Did you know that you’re supposed to change your AC filter every two to three months? If you’ve been running your air conditioner frequently or if you have pets, you should be changing your filter regularly.

AC issues are often due to lack of maintenance. AC professionals can help you create a schedule for basic maintenance like filter changes and coil cleaning.

Some air conditioner problems and solutions are pretty easy. If you see leaves and dirt collecting on your outside AC unit, take a minute and clean them off.

Keep the AC unit clear of debris and make sure you change out filters every two months or so. If the problem isn’t your filter, it could be your coil.

You should be able to see the coil on your outside unit. Wipe it down every two weeks and make sure that your garden, trees, or shrubs aren’t touching the unit at all.

4. Problems with the Sensor

This is a pretty easy fix, but you should still call in the AC pros before you attempt any kind of do-it-yourself repair.

Sometimes, the wire inside of your thermostat falls out of place. It could cause your AC to run continuously or to act strangely when you try to turn it on.

Another reason for problems with your sensor could be that the controls are worn out. Wires and thermostats can wear out over time, causing problems with the electrical signal to your sensor.

AC professionals will check all of your connections and electrical contacts during their service call. We are excellent at AC troubleshooting and work closely with homeowners who need unexpected AC repairs.

5. Overworking the AC Unit

You could be destroying your AC without realizing it. If you’re running the air conditioning in a sunny room, for example, you could be making your AC work harder than it needs to.

Likewise, if you have houseplants or appliances next to your AC, you could be forcing it to work harder. You need to clear away houseplants to a distance of at least two feet.

If your air conditioning unit has a television or other appliance right next to it, it will sense the heat coming from the appliance and try to compensate.

So you’ll notice that the AC is running for hours at a time and that the temperature in the room hasn’t changed too much.

Take the time to schedule a professional service call. We’ll come out and help you figure out what is wrong with your air conditioning unit.

6. Minor Air Conditioner Problems

If you’re lucky, the repairs on your air conditioner will be minor. If the whole system is malfunctioning, you’re going to have to replace it.

However, you should make sure you take a look at some minor issues before you commit to repairs. Your AC issues could be as simple as an air seal being broken in the ductwork.

Professional AC repair teams will check all of your ductwork before recommending replacement. If cool air is leaking out, they will fix the leaks and you might be amazed at what a difference a tiny repair can make!

Make sure that your AC fan is set to “auto” and not to “on.” That way, it won’t run continuously and you can avoid wearing down your system.

You’ll also save money if you turn your thermostat up by even a few degrees. If you’re comfortable at 70 degrees, there’s no need to keep the AC set at 65 degrees.

Who Should I Call for Repairs?

Chill Air Concept is a family-owned air conditioner repair company and we’re happy to serve the greater Dallas metro area. We’ve got more than 17 years of experience working with commercial and residential customers.

If you’ve got air conditioning problems, don’t worry. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your system and make any necessary repairs.

Our service crew is well-trained and experienced. They have the tools to tackle any project and are committed to leaving your home as clean as they found it.

We can handle homes and businesses of any size and are looking forward to speaking with you! We work with any brand or model of air conditioner and are open six days a week.

Come check out our website and contact us for your repair or installation project!


Is your air conditioner having trouble keeping you cool as the weather heats up? We can help! Our experts provide quality air conditioner repair in North Dallas – Plano TX area homes and businesses.  Request an Appointment online or call Chill Air  at  (972) 699-8080 to schedule a time to have your AC unit looked at!


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