Ask these questions before hiring an AC technician in Richardson TX

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an AC Technician

It’s time to hire an AC technician, but you don’t know which one is the right choice?

There are about 110,000 businesses operating in the HVAC industry in the United States. With this number, it can get difficult for you to find a good, reputable business you can trust.

If you’re looking to hire an AC technician to service your unit before the summer hits, there are some questions you need to ask. This will help you determine if they’re competent at the very least.

It’s good to talk to a variety of contractors in your area to get the best outcome for your decision. Here are 10 questions you should ask when getting an air conditioner technician:

Do You Have a License?

No matter what you do, this is the first question that you need to ask before hiring an AC repair technician.

Almost all states require these businesses to have some form of license. When they say that they’re licensed, crosscheck it with the state contractor licensing board using their license number.

Do You Have Insurance?

Aside from licensing, make sure that your technician has insurance. This serves as a failsafe in case anything happens to your home while they’re working.

Ask if the company has both liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

What’s Your Business Address?

After asking this question, check the location to make sure it’s legitimate. There are a lot of contractors out there that try to work out of their homes.

A sign of a good company is having a legitimate address. In this case, they’re more likely to have a license, insurance, and the experience to ensure a smooth job.

How Long Have You Been Operating in the Industry?

This question lets you determine the amount of experience they have working in the field. Knowing if they’re a long-time company or a relatively new one helps you feel more secure hiring them to do the job.

You can also ask the means of how they learned their skill set.

It’s important to ask this question if you own a specific AC brand or system type. This determines if they have experience working on it, allowing them to deal with it in a more effective manner.

Do You Have Past Customer Referrals?

This is an appropriate question when the technician gives you a written estimate. It’s a good chance for you to know the kind of work they’ll do and the total cost.

If you want to know how to find a good HVAC technician, you need to get references from them.

Having a chat with their past customers allows you to get an insight when it comes to how the technician operates.

It’s an instant red flag if the company you’re contacting can’t give references or reviews from past customers. Move on and get a better technician.

How Do Your Refunds, Warranties, and Guarantees Work?

If you haven’t had your system for too long, it’s most likely under the manufacturer’s warranty.

In this case, the best AC Company will adhere to the warranty terms. Otherwise, they should provide you a new guarantee written in a contract.

A good company will explain to you their refund policy. In most situations, they don’t offer a money-back guarantee if the repair doesn’t last. A reputable company will go the extra mile and work to find a better solution that benefits you the most.

Will You Help My System Become More Energy Efficient?

Both energy and cost efficiency are important. You can reduce air conditioning energy use by 20 percent to 50 percent when using high-efficiency air conditioners.

If you think that your system isn’t working in an efficient manner, bring it up before hiring them. A good AC company can give you recommendations and work with you to ensure efficiency.

Will You Use My Current Ductwork?

It’s okay to become a bit suspicious when your technician tells you that your entire HVAC system needs replacing.

Ask them about your ductwork’s current state as well as how it ventilates. If they aren’t able to explain it in a logical way you can understand, get another company for a second opinion.

The replacement job for your HVAC system is an expensive endeavor. This makes it important for you to know why they suggested it in the first place.

What Is Your Payment Policy?

If you’re having the technicians over to do a big job, you need to know if they need full upfront payment or they accept a payment schedule.

In case you haven’t tried calling technicians to fix your AC, know that repairs and installations don’t come cheap. Depending on your financial situation, you need to have a means of preparing for the bill according to your technician’s policies.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Some companies might take too long when it comes to fixing or installing your AC.

When hiring a company, make sure that their timetable fits into your schedule and doesn’t interfere with your plans. The company should tell you how long it takes for them to clean up after the finished job.

Doing this ensures that you won’t end up with a hole in your wall or have plaster dust sprinkled all over your furniture and fixtures. Time is always important, and a sloppy company can interfere with your daily activities.

Get the Best AC Technician Today

Your choice of the AC technician can change the outcome of your installation or repair job.

That’s why it’s so important to ask these questions beforehand to ensure that they’re a legitimate, licensed, and insured company. Doing this ensures that you’re getting the service you paid for and have a means of recovering should anything go wrong.

It’s okay to try and contact several contractors. This allows you to have second opinions and compare their prices and services. Make sure to ask these questions and base your decisions on how well or how poorly they answer each.

Do you need help with your air conditioner? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started. We’re always glad to help fulfill your air conditioning needs for a better home.


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