5 Reasons to Get Your AC Serviced Before Summer Hits Texas

Getting your AC checked out before the start of the summer season is the last thing you want to do. You’re sure it works fine and there are no problems you’re aware of.

But what happens if the season begins and a problem that went undetected suddenly rears its ugly head? Or out of nowhere, your AC breaks down, leaving you stuck to struggle in unbearable, humid weather.

Getting your AC serviced on a yearly basis is important. Learn more about the reasons to have it checked out before you dive into heavy usage.

Getting Your AC Serviced Makes It Last Longer

There are many ways that you can check your AC to make sure everything is running up to snuff, and you won’t encounter problems later. Rather than doing everything yourself, have a technician check your AC parts.

Having parts reviewed and replaced as they develop wear means the overall unit lasts longer. If you want your house to stay cool no matter how hot it gets outside, and not incur the expense of shopping for a new unit, have it checked out.

You’ll save money, won’t be burdened with what type to buy, and keep overall maintenance and costs down. By servicing every year, you’ll catch problems before they develop into something serious.

Get Your AC Serviced Now, and Avoid the Busy Season

One of the biggest problems with having your air conditioner break down in the middle of summer is that the repairman is busy with other folks experiencing the same issues. This means that you’ll wait even longer than you normally would in order to get help.

While this isn’t so bad during other seasons, it becomes unliveable in the dead of summer. Your home can quickly become difficult to live in if you’re in a warm climate and don’t have any way to cool it down.

Have your AC serviced in a timely manner before summer starts.

You won’t worry about where you are on the serviceman’s list, and you can rest confident that your air conditioner is ready for the summer season.

If you’re looking to change from a wall unit to a central system, this is the ideal time to have that work done. That way once summer starts, you’ll feel confident no matter how hot it gets.

Keep Your Bills Low Since Your AC Isn’t Working Overtime to Keep You Cool

One thing most people don’t realize about an AC system that is in need of work: it costs you more money than you think. When the AC has repairs that are needed, it has to work overtime in order to operate at normal efficiency.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal as long as it keeps working, right? Unfortunately, your electric bill tells you otherwise.

That’s because the AC uses up more energy in order to keep your home cool. Simple issues that aren’t major costs and don’t take long to fix make this worse.

Sometimes it’s as simple as having filters changed. Other times it means getting a new unit in the worst case scenario.

Before summer starts, have your AC serviced and avoid high bills that come with a unit working overtime to keep you cool.

If You Need Your AC in Prime Condition, Summer is the Time

If there was ever a season that it paid to have your AC set up and ready to go, summer is the time. You’ll run your air conditioner often.

Warm climates and no air often mean deadly conditions for some people. These include older folks, young children and small babies, and even pets.

If you or someone in your home has special needs, you don’t want to wait for emergency AC repair in the dead of summer. Taking time out to have your air conditioner checked on leaves you with less hassle to deal with should an emergency arise.

You’ll save money too since the technician isn’t trying to squeeze you in with other folks having the same issues. Many companies have a fee that comes with emergency repairs that you need to be completed within a certain time window.

Call someone today and avoid the problems that come with trying to fit into a technician’s busy schedule.

Keep Your Environment Clean

Another important aspect of having your AC serviced is keeping the air clean for you and your family. Dirty filters and bacteria can grow in an air conditioner that isn’t maintained.

This results in breathing problems for you and your family, making your home uncomfortable to be in. If you or your loved ones have summer allergies or other problems, it can make them worse.

Air conditioners need regular cleaning since water builds up and it’s easy for mold to grow. Make sure they’re cleaned before the start of the season, and you’ll stay healthy.

You won’t cycle problem-causing air throughout the house, and you can feel confident knowing that you’ve done everything possible to get ready for summer when your air gets used the most.

If you’re worried about the quality of air, talk to a technician and follow his suggestions. You’ll learn about the best practices for your home and AC, and how to keep them operating in the most effective manner.

Learn More

Getting your AC serviced before summer sounds stressful and time-consuming, but you’ll save time, money, and your family’s health when you do so before summer starts.

You’ll avoid potential problems, keep your electric bill down, and can even upgrade before your air conditioner gets used.

Get started now and contact us. We are happy to help with your air conditioner needs so you stay cool all summer long.


A little maintenance can go a long way! Stay healthy and save time and money by having your AC serviced before summer to avoid potential problems down the road.  Request an Appointment online or call Chill Air, a trusted air conditioner repair specialist in North Dallas, TX, at  (972) 699-8080 to schedule a time to have your AC unit serviced!


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